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Jaipal Sing Munda was a sportsman international repute, a versatile parliamentarian, a distinguished educationalist, a power full orator and an outstanding politician who relentlessly struggled for the rights of the adivasis.  Among the Adivasis, Jaipal Singh Munda is popularly known as ‘Marang Gomke, which means the ‘great leader’. He emerged as the great leader with towering personality to fight for the cause of Adivasi in post Independence India and took many remarkable steps for their empowerment.


Early Childhood: He was born into the Munda family of Umru Pahan and Radhamuni in the village of Thakara near Khunti District of Ranchi on 3rd January 1903. Khunti is predominately inhabited by the munda tribe who has historically fought against the Britishers. The famous Birsa Munda ulgulan is one such example. He completed his primary school at his own village and join Snt.Poul School Ranchi at the age of twelve. The headmaster Snt.Poul school Mr.Cannon Kanse Grave could easily recognise the multiple talent of Sri Munda in the field of sport and studies. When he retired he took young Jaypal along with him to London. After reaching London he enrolled in to St.College of Oxford and completed his matriculation. In the University of Oxford he was known for his debating and sporting. He completed his MA from oxford in 1926 and got selected in Indian civil services in next year.



He has to quite ICS to serve as captain of Indian Olympic Hockey Team. At the same Olympic he led Indian Team to the finals but has to quit the team before the final match due to unfriendly behaviour of team management. He comes back to India in 1929 and joins Burma Sail Company. He also taught at Ghana in Africa for some time. Again 1936 he comes back to India to serve as foreign minister of Bikaner state. He was also principal of Raj Kumar College in Raipur. He left Raj Kumar College due to racial behaviour of his colleagues. In the mean time he gets married to Tara Majumdar, the grand children of Umesh Chandra Banarjee (Founding President of Indian National Congress).

Jaypal as revolutionary political activist:

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He decided to quit job and join Adivasi Mahasabha to fight for the causes of Adivasis. He met the leaders Adivasi Mahasabha in 1938 and joined as a head of Mahasabha in 30th January 1939. After joining Mahasabha he visited Adivasi areas of central India and organised tribal’s to put the tribal question in the main stream political discourse. In the mean time he also launched Adivasi Sakam a weekly magazine to create awareness among the Adivasis. He demanded for provision of 1/3 out of total budget of Bihar for Jharkand region. Though, he was defeated in provincial council elections in 1946. He was selected to constituent assembly in the July same year. In the constituent assembly he strongly spoke in favor of Aadivasis. He demanded in constituent assembly for inclusion of tribal land rights under fundamental rights. He also demanded for uses of Adivasi word to denote of aborigine people in the constitution. But it was Dr.Ambedkar, the Chairman of drafting committee who proposed schedule tribes word for bioregion of origin. He also formed Adivasi Labour Federation at Jodapokor, Jhinkpani to unite Adivasi labourers for betterment of them. He decided to convert Adivasi Mohasabha in to political party called Jharkand Party.   He got elected to Parliament along with four other member of Jharkahnd Party. He got elected to Parliament consecutively four times. He was for a short time Deputy Chief Minister of undivided Bihar.


Unique Achievement:-

He was the first Indian to leave Indian Civil Service for sport and country. He was the first international sport analyst and reporter. He was the first Adivasi Educationist and international teacher. The founder of first commercial hockey team called ‘Mohan Bagan Hockey’ Team at Kolkata at 1929. He was the first person from Adivasi community to write autobiography.


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