This festival is essentially related to the agricultural cycle of the Ho i.e. ritual for Showing of Paddy who conventionally profess agriculture.This festival is celebrated in the memory of LUKU-BULA-LUKU BULI and their sons Veerbendkar , Taysum and Bela Kalia. As this is a communal festival, even the landless of the village participate in the ritual. Diuri, in consultation with the villagers, fixes a date in the month of Baisakh (March-April) for this festival, which is celebrated as the first sowing festival. The ritual continues for a period of three days. The first day is only preparatory like cleaning the houses, collection of sal leaves for ritual purposes etc. In subsequent two days, all the villagers participate in the propitiation of gram siri and kiasuni thakurani for better harvest. On the second day, the diuri, after worshiping the deities, starts sowing paddy in his field. He is followed by the female members of the society, who ceremonially sow some seed in a corner of their respective fields. This festival is for better harvest. It is not celebrated as lavishly as the other two festivals, because the granaries become nearly empty by the time the ritual falls.               ——-To be continued–  


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