2016 News

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  1. Biggest Festival of Hos – Mage Porob was successfully observed at different places of India
  2. Baa Porob – A festival of Flowers observed on the month of Febraury-March
  3. HO Language Education Council,Thakurmunda,Odisha launched its first Ever website www.
  4. Annual Ho Language Exam for 7th, 10th & +2 Standard took place at different centres of Odisha
  5. Famous HO Rojo festival Hatigoda,Thakurmunda Odisha 2016 was celebrated & attended by large number of peoples
  6. All India Ho Sahitya Sammilani,2016 was held at Jamshedpur,Jharkhand organized by Adivasi Ho Yuva Mahasabha,Jamshedpur & Eteh Turtung Pitika Akala,Jhinkpani


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